What to expect during the total solar eclipse

If you are a resident of Ammon, ID, then you must be aware that a total solar eclipse is coming soon. There are a number of things you can expect to occur on or around Aug 21, 2017, one being a high influx of visitors. The current population of 30,000 people has been projected to rise to almost 1,000,000 during this period. With these massive crowds, hotels and campsites will be in high demand.You should take all the necessary safety precautions during this period. For roughly two minutes, there will be total darkness which will have some effects on humans as elaborated below.

Weather changes

When the moon blocks the sun, you should expect temperatures to drop. According to NASA, this drop will be the difference between night and day temperatures; if the day temperature is 60 degrees and the night temperature is 40 degrees, you should expect a temperature drop of 20 degrees during the eclipse period.

Human psyche

The solar eclipse will have a significant level of impact on the human psyche. For many years, total solar eclipse has been viewed as a sign of doom triggering the feelings of bewilderment and awe. Therefore, as you wait to witness the historic event, you should be aware that it will have some influence on your psyche.

Safe Viewing of the Eclipse

It is advisable not to view eclipse with your naked eyes. A direct view can cause eye problems due to the harmful rays emitted by the sun. For this reason, you should purchase eclipse glasses which are fitted with specially manufactured protective filters. These glasses will enable you to look directly at the sun without putting your eyesight at risk.

Traffic Jam

Due to a large number of visitors, Ammon, ID will be congested days before, during and after the eclipse. You should expect heavy traffic on all the major highways and feeder roads. If you have any travel plans during this period, be cautious.

Due to the massive crowds expected during the total solar eclipse, there will be a high probability of auto accidents and personal injury. Hence, you need to stay insured in case of any liabilities. To get more information on how to stay safe and protected during this historical event you can contact our agents at Insure It All or visit our website http://www.coveryourstuff.com/ for more details. Our agents at Insure It All are ready to answer your questions.

Determining How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage You Need

Every homeowner’s needs are different, which is why it is important to figure out how much insurance coverage you are going to need to protect your belongings adequately without overpaying on premiums.

How much is enough?

One of the first things you should consider when trying to figure out how much coverage you need is the cost to rebuild your home completely. In the event your home becomes a total loss, you want to make sure that you buy enough coverage to replace it and the contents. This price doesn’t factor in depreciation and the cost of the property. You can estimate how much it costs to build per square foot locally and multiply that number by the square feet in your home.

In addition to figuring the cost to rebuild your home, you should also calculate the cost of any new additions as well as the total value of all of your possessions. It is best to document all of the items factored into the value assigned to the contents of the home. Save receipts and take photos of the items in your home and make sure that you date them. If you have any extraordinary or especially expensive items in your home, you should take care to document their value carefully, and if they have an appraisal, you should include it with your insurance paperwork.

Tips for having just the right amount of coverage

Carefully select the amount of coverage you need and don’t overbuy homeowner’s insurance. Go over your policy thoroughly and make any necessary changes immediately to avoid serious issues during the claims process. It is also important to use a reputable company such as Insure It All, serving the residents of Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID.

We have quality home insurance products to cover the individuals living in the Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID area. Insure It All can help you save money on your premiums in addition to helping you through the entire process of choosing the appropriate coverage. Call or stop in for more information about our high-quality insurance products.

When buying home owner’s insurance, make sure you buy enough to cover the total replacement cost of your home and select a respected insurance company so you can have a peace of mind.



In Ammon ID, Does Commercial Insurance Cover Worker’s Compensation Claims?

When owning a business, it is extremely important to protect not only the company assets but the employees as well. This is the reason that most states require businesses to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. It is also recommended that they carry liability insurance to pick up where a Worker’s Compensation policy leaves off. It is important to have your existing commercial business insurance evaluated to ensure you have the proper coverage to meet all of your needs, especially if an accident occurs. Business owners in the Ammon, ID area who need advice on Worker’s Compensation and other types of commercial insurance can call Insure It All and talk to a licensed agent.

Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandatory in most states. The problem is that, in most cases, it only covers accidental injuries that occur while a person is performing their duties. It does not cover accidents that involve visitors to the facility or workers who are not "on the clock." 

Certain types of injuries like slip and fall accidents or other types of falls are commonly covered under commercial liability policies. Commercial insurance policies can be written to include Worker’s Compensation, Liability, and other types of coverage that will fully protect your business from financial loss.  

At Insure It All, the agents offer a wide range of commercial insurance policies to business owners who live throughout the Ammon, ID area. Having your commercial insurance reviewed and updated periodically is extremely important to ensure you have sufficient coverage if an emergency arises. Call an agent today to find out what you need to keep your insurance up to date and your business safe from financial loss. Don’t let an accident catch you off guard!

How To File A Basic Claim

Auto insurance is confusing no matter who you are or how well versed you are on the subject. You can have all your information laid out, but without having a plan, filing even the most basic claims can be difficult. For those that live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you file every claim you have no matter how simple or complex.

The first step to every claim is to assess the damage. If you have called the police, odds are they will take photos of the accident and will help you file a police report so that you can document what happened. They will also help you get to the hospital if you need it and there you will fill out forms and information that you can use to start the claims process.

The second step after you have filed a police report and have been treated medically is to take the time to call your agent. Your agent will help you fill out the necessary paperwork and schedule the consultations that you need to get your claim processed and on the road to being paid out. Your agent will help you fill out the forms and schedule the meetings with adjusters to start the repair process.

You will then need to wait for the claim to process and for your car to be repaired or replaced so that you can get back to living. Filing a claim does not have to be difficult. If you live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you file and complete your claims so that you can get back to living your life without worrying about your auto claims. For any other insurance questions, reach out to us by phone or stop by our office to talk with an agent.

The Weather In Idaho: Which Area Specific Weather Conditions Affect Your Home Insurance Policy

What’s The Weather Like?

Ammon, ID is situated near Idaho Falls and has a good deal of snowfall during the year. With annual average snow accumulation reaching near the 500 inch mark, state homeowners have to make certain their home insurance policy reflects to protect against the damage that much snow can inflict on a home. Policies should reflect special attention on roofs and gutters which take a tremendous hit with so much snow. Special care should be taken in underwriting the heating systems in the home where Idaho temps often get to below freezing in the winter months of the year. 

All of that snow has to melt and that brings us to the other major weather concern in Idaho. Floods during the early spring time due to snow melt is a major problem. At Insure It All we also offer flood insurance for your home. 

Fortunately, Idaho does not have to worry about hurricanes and has a very low percentage of tornadoes on record. Insure It All also has umbrella insurance for those items not covered by flood or home insurance.  

When it comes to Insure It All, we are housed in Ammon, ID but we serve more than 40 states. Of course we have an affinity for our home state and appreciate sitting down with our clients face to face to discuss their insurance needs. However, if you live in one of the more than 40 states we and our partners serve, you can always contact us by email or phone to get quotes for the myriad of insurance policies we offer. Insure It All, insure everything and every aspect of your life. 

Does Your Auto Policy Cover the Costs of the Other Driver

For most that hold an auto insurance policy, there are hundreds of questions that you want to ask. One that is often asked is does your auto policy cover the costs of the other driver. For those in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can look at your current policy and tell you specifically what it covers.

In all cases, drivers are required to hold what is referred to as a liability policy. This means that you have to have some sort of coverage to help cover the costs of the other driver. This liability sum or amount varies from state to state in regards to what you are required to carry. One state might require that you hold a certain amount of coverage on the other driver which means that your policy will pay toward the costs of the other drivers. Another state may require more or less liability coverage.

For those that hold a full coverage policy, your insurance is likely going to pay much more on the costs of the other driver. There is often a cap on how much your insurance will pay but it could be into the hundreds of thousands depending on how severe the accident is. Even liability policies are going to cover at least a portion of the costs of the other driver. This is why liability insurance is required as a minimum for drivers in every state in the United States.

You can always add more coverage for yourself and other drivers. You can even add extra coverage for the occupants and passengers of your vehicle. If you live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can explain what your policy covers for all drivers involved.

Homeowners Insurance Idaho

Homeowners insurance protects an Idaho property owner when disaster strikes. A homeowners insurance policy protects a property owner from unexpected repair costs for the rebuilding of a home and replacement of personal effects after a risk event.

Homeowners insurance also covers a property owner from liability in case of a guest injury claim. If a visitor sustains a slip and fall while on a property, homeowners liability insurance coverage compensates a victim for medical bills, and related expenses, including legal fees, so the owner is not obliged.

Disaster Risk Coverage

The threat of natural disaster to a home can be significant. Protect the market value of your property with homeowners insurance. Damages caused by a disaster event can ruin a major investment without up front ability to pay for repairs. A property owner is protected from high out-of-pocket expenditures associated with rehabilitation of a home.

Liability Risk Coverage

When a guest injures themselves on a residential property, the owner is responsible for subsequent hospital, medical, and legal expenses. Homeowners can protect themselves from negligence and extenuating legal liability for a guest injury claim with an insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage – compensates property damage repairs and liability expenses resulting from a disaster or injury incident.

Individual Coverage – covers debt obligations and outstanding mortgage finance after a serious accident or death.

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – compensates claims for loss of real property or internal contents of a home after a disaster or theft.

Combined Life Coverage – single policy that covers life insurance and homeowners insurance liability, property damage, and end-of-life expenses, as well as benefits assigned to beneficiaries.

To find out about homeowners insurance policy premiums, claims grace periods, and terms and conditions in Idaho, or to obtain a quote, contact Insure It All, Ammon, ID.

Can Increasing Home Security Lower Insurance Costs?

Increasing your home security is a smart and practical means of saving on home insurance costs. Improved security will safeguard your home against theft, vandalism and trespassers to keep you and your goods safe from harm.

At Insure It All, Ammon, ID, we can provide you with valuable counsel on home security measures you can take to qualify for an insurance discount. The following are just a few ways you can upgrade the security of your property to protect your investment.

  • Install a security system that includes motion sensors on windows and doors that trigger a burglar alarm to alert you and your neighbors when someone is trying to enter your home.
  • Place security cameras in key locations as a deterrent to thieves and vandals coming near your property, especially when you’re not at home.
  • Replace antiquated locks on windows and doors with secure dead-bolt locks. Repair broken glass on windows that can facilitate thieves entering your home. If your windows are old and worn, replace them with new, modern windows that improve your security.  
  • Install motion sensor lighting at the entryway, sides and rear of your house to alert you when someone is on the property at night.
  • Join your local Neighborhood Watch Program to benefit from the help of others in watching over your home. This can be particularly helpful when you’re away on vacation or business travels.
  • Invest in a quality safe to lock up cash, jewelry and other valuable goods, making them less accessible to anyone who unlawfully enters your home.   

By putting these security measures in place, you can better protect your home and personal belongings which will help offset high home insurance costs. For additional information on home security and how to lower the cost of your insurance premium, contact one of our representatives at Insure It All, Ammon, ID.


The Importance of Insurance in Ammon, Idaho

Located in the Southeastern corner of Idaho is the town of Ammon, which is just a short drive to the Wyoming border and more notably Yellowstone National Park. Ammon, ID isn’t a big town but there is still plenty to do and residents will undoubtedly need all of the forms of insurance people need when living or setting up a business in an American town these days. Below are some of the types of insurance you should look for through a company like Insure It All when living or working within Ammon, ID.


If you are operating a business of any kind in Idaho, you will need a form of commercial insurance. Now the amount of this insurance and coverage of this policy will obviously vary based on the business you are running, as some will require more than others. But every business will need some kind of insurance to protect both the customers and the business owners from injury or lawsuits, as well as the items that are sold or used within that business itself if they are stolen or damaged.


Driving in Ammon, Idaho requires insurance by law, but it is also just a generally good idea. There is bad weather, ice on the roads, major blizzards for half of the year which can lead to auto accidents, not mention moose and other large animals that can wander in front of your car on the highway. Better to have full coverage than end up paying a bundle to fix your vehicle.


With the inclement winter weather and constant threat of wildfires in the hotter, dryer months, having home insurance is also a must in Ammon, Idaho. Having full coverage on your dwelling will undoubtedly allow you to sleep easier at night.

Ammon ID Home Insurance That Meets Your Needs

Remember when you were handed the keys to your first home? It was an exciting moment which might have felt a little scary as well. Home ownership comes with opportunities and responsibilities. While you no longer have to ask permission to hammer a nail into a wall, you do need to protect your investment. Home insurance coverage might seem like a ho-hum topic, but really, it’s only a bit dull if you have the right coverage and you feel safe and secure. When you don’t have proper coverage, then the feeling you experience may be more like a vague anxiety or worry about the future. What-if questions might pester you during the night: when there’s a heavy storm, or when you hear about burglaries in your area. So why not ease those anxieties? Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have the home insurance that meets your needs and you can just shrug off those worries with a ‘ho hum’ and go about enjoying your day. Serving the Ammon ID area, Insure It All stands ready to provide peace of mind when it comes to your investment in your home. Contact us today at 208-522-3380 or drop by our address at 919 South 25th East, Ammon, ID. 83406.

Are you about to close on your very first home? Or have you lived in your home for decades, with a recent addition on the south side? Perhaps you finally have your dream kitchen. Protect those items and more with sensible home insurance coverage. Our insurance agents can sit down with you and discuss Idaho state insurance requirements. We can help you inventory your possessions. Our agents at Insure It All can assure you that you have real coverage in case something unthinkable happens.